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Little Black Dress

In one of the historic parts of the Belgrade city center, just next to the Skadarlija district, we created together with our client the special and stylish all-black kitchen. We love to call it “The Little Black Dress” a sort of uniform for all women of taste.

The Deep Night Sky Corian® DuPont™ is a rich galactic black giving an almost poetic vibe.

The linear isles’ work-top creates the separation between dining and living areas. The cooking zone is in Deep Night Sky Corian® DuPont™ setting the sink as well as the built-in cabinet in the same vibe.
Sides with transparent glass open, making a place for sophisticated Miele hardware, from the inside of the closed dark matt aspect of this kitchen.
The warm white led sensor lights outline the details of the wooden black matt veneer.

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