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Little Black Dress

In one of the historic parts of the Belgrade city center, just next to the Skadarlija district, we created together with our client the special and...
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The Oak kitchen has been created for a medium-sized loft type apartment. Its’ fresh and light design hides high-end appliances making a fully functioning kitchen, without...
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Chocolate Onyx

In Vracar District, the historical side of Belgrade city panorama, we implemented the “Chocolate Onyx” kitchen. It’s the ultimate classy, but contemporary, functional kitchen changing the...
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Serenity Blue is a beautifully designed simple yet organized compact kitchen, with linear and zigzag geometric lines.
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The Bureau kitchenette is made exclusively for offices visually mirroring a furniture piece (and not a classical kitchen). It is standalone if the installations are linked...
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The drinks’ Kabinet portrays an ancient grandmas’ wooden cabinet but in a modern way. It has LED lights that turn on when the door of the Kabinet...
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Side T

Side T is inspired by the Table T collection. The materials are a combination of Corian® DuPont™, metal, and high-end wood. This product is extremely customizable. You will...
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Grey Antarctica

With a Corian® DuPont™ sink area and isle, a Foster spa sink Milanello, a Miele fridge, and a Liebherr wine fridge Grey Antarctica is all the...
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Table T

Table T is a collection of tables made out of Corian® DuPont™, combined with wood and metal. For a more personalized look, the tables are available...
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The Cooklab is a promotional kitchen made for the showroom called which represents the most luxurious of the kitchen appliances found in the market (Smeg, Falmec,...
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Klassik Arrowroot

Klassik Arrowroot has the privilege to be combined with the sublime Corian® DuPont™ in Arrowroot color. It’s the tone of a crisp white leek swirled with...
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Creating interaction by joining spaces and people is the main idea of this compact kitchen called Kitch’ T®.
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