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Creating interaction by joining spaces and people is the main idea of this compact kitchen called Kitch’ T®.

After long working hours, it's a great spot for interaction. friendship. family. lovers.

An all-in-one piece, the Kitch’ T® is easily adaptable according to your needs, everything is fitted beneath the worktop eliminating the need for upper cabinet space.

There are no handles, only the comfort of getting in touch with ‘’nature’’ through the 3D solid red oak wooden doors. The worktop, reinforced on the inside with Corian® DuPont™ verticals and solid water-resistant wood, includes a Corian® DuPont™ mobile charger built-in its’ surface as well as the electrical and USB sockets. Kitch’ T® is easily connected to water and electrical supplies through its’ left and right outlets.

Waterworks Atlas R.W. bar faucet fits perfectly to meet the industrial design, and match the roughness of the metallic holding structure. 

Kitch' T was

A’ Design Award Platinum 
2016 — Winner

European Product Design Award
2019 — Silver

Best of Year Award
2019 — Honoree

Bigsee Product Design Award 

International Design Award USA 
2017 — Gold

Iconic Awards German Design Council
2017 — Interior Innovation Selection

German Design Award 
2017 — Excellent Product Design

Iconic Awards German Design Council
2016 — Product Winner

Balkan Architectural Biennale
2019 — Grand Prix

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