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The drinks’ Kabinet portrays an ancient grandmas’ wooden cabinet but in a modern way. It has LED lights that turn on when the door of the Kabinet opens. A Liebherr TipOpen wine fridge is integrated for your wine storage. Everything you need for your guests is in one place.

The led lights make the glasses look classy.

The Kabinet is made out of solid oak wooden shelves, veneered sides and doors, and Corian® DuPont™ Designer White workboard. For a more industrial look, the Kabinet can be mounted on wheels to give it the ability to move easily while full, and don’t worry, your glasses cannot fall out when the door is open as well as closed.
The Corian® DuPont™ white area of the worktop is antibacterial and water-resistant making this piece of furniture easy to maintain.

Before After

Kabinet was

A’ Design Award Silver 
2019 — Winner

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